Construction Dumpsters for a Clean Environment

The typical construction dumpster has an open-top or roll-off design. The top serves as the container’s room opening for receiving whatever it is to be put inside. It is the only part that is open to secure and contain all the wastes inside and to prevent spillage of any toxic wastes or to avoid a scatter of garbage along the way. Other features of the mechanic designs include the:


rotating back containers – this feature allow the containers to be rotated for easy loading of trash.

roll off – this feature provides comfort and ease in uploading and off-loading the trash

automated – operated by advanced hydraulics for a more safe and effortless moving of the containers Sizes of Construction Dumpsters
The container sizes of construction dumpster varies depending on the amount and kind of trash that you have to dispose. For general wastes, the sizes of containers would usually range with the following:

10 – 15 cubic yards – This size can hold up to 1.5 tons of garbage and is ideal for small cleanout projects, demolition projects, renovation or remodelling jobs. It has the smallest footprint for easy loading and placement.

20 cubic yards – These are the more common Atlanta construction dumpster rentals that we see around. It can hold double the load (3 tons) of the 10-15 cubic-yard containers. This is perfect for medium-size residential projects like garage cleanouts, kitchen/bathroom remodelling, small landscaping, carpeting, windows, roofing, and siding. Trash can consist of blocks, bricks, concrete, and deck tear out.

30 cubic yards – This container size will carry 4 tons of construction rubbish. Large residential projects can optimally use this size of container.

40 cubic yards – This is by far the largest construction dumpster that can be rented. This is usually rented for those with commercial projects, light bulky waste like pieces of furniture, landscaping clean-up, or whole house clean-out. This size can load up to 6 tons of general waste.

Types of Construction Dumpster Rentals
As we are used to segregating wastes, we also practice such things in the use of construction dumpsters. As such, there are also constructions dumpsters that can be rented for green/yard waste, construction, and recyclables.


The green yard wastes are usually composed of biodegradable wastes stream which includes trimmings from tree, grass clippings, and green or other vegetative matter. For this type of waste, the recommended size to rent is the 40 cubic yards because it won’t fit in the smaller ones.
There are also recyclable trash and the need for a specific and individual construction dumpster is recommended if they are individually or source separated. The usual container sizes for recyclables would have the 12 – 15 cubic yards (concrete wastes only, dirt-clean fill only), 20 cubic yards (asphalt only, brick & block only, or concrete only), 30 cubic yards are for small projects (cardboard only, scrap metal only, wood only), and 40 cubic yards are for large projects (cardboard only, scrap metal only, and wood only)
When you rent for a container, it is essential that you know the basic things.

What size dumpster should you rent?
Again, the size would depend on the amount of trash that you would have and the kind of wastes that would be produced. The container sizes and its corresponding garbage load weight can be your basic guide to determining what you need. You can also call the closest Cedar Park,  Tx dumpster rental company to assist you with what you need. Their contact details are normally posted on their websites and you can try to contact them through email or by phone.